WTF happened to the Republican Party?

Every political party has had a transformation at one time or another. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has transitioned from the Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan to the Party of Donald Trump and it no longer represents American values. This transformation begs the question, what the fuck happened to you?

What happened to fiscal responsibility? The GOP was the nesting ground for deficit hawks, constantly demanding a balanced budget with no deficit spending. Trump, with a Republican controlled Congress, created a Trillion-dollar deficit with no end in sight. The hawks of the GOP have turned into a flock of chickens afraid to say a peep against Trump, his out of control deficits, and reckless fiscal policies.

What happened to law and order? The GOP bragged about being the party of law and order, tough on crime, and the guardians of the Constitution, yet nothing can be further from the truth. Trump’s administration and staff refuse to report to Congress or respond to subpoenas. They have resigned in record number for misusing tax payer money. His campaign staff, his administration, and his attorney are in jail or awaiting sentencing. Trump himself was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of justice and yet the GOP remains silent.

What happened to the Party of Lincoln? President Lincoln ended slavery and the worst chapter of America’s history. Now republicans condone Trump’s racist dog whistles, afraid to stand up and demand he stop. Many Republicans have followed his lead pushing the envelope of civility and racism. Even the local Harris County Republican Party Chair thought it was cute to post a racist meme about Martin Luther King. This isn’t the Party of Lincoln

What happened to being strong on defense? Trump has isolated our longtime allies while bowing to our adversaries, Putin, Kim Jong Un, and others. He brags about knowing more than the generals. He attacks the military leadership that have stood up to protect their troops and the Constitution. He has insulted military heroes such as Senator John McCain to the point of being asked not to attend his funeral. He bows to Russia after they put bounties on our soldiers. Never in our history have we been so vulnerable to our enemies.

What happened to conservative family values? Republican family values have been replaced with mocking disabled Americans, separating children from their mothers, calling heads of state derogatory names like a two-year-old, making racists comments, pitting Americans against each other, siding with white supremacists, lying to the American people on a daily basis, lying about adultery and buying their silence to win an election, siding with murderous dictators over Americans, and much, much more. Yet Republicans are silent for fear of Trump’s wrath.

What happened to common sense? Gun safety and responsible ownership has been replaced with dressing like GI Joe with body armor and a finger on a loaded AR15. Respect has been replaced with childish mocking. Science and scientists, that can save lives especially during the COVID crisis, is now replaced by high school dropouts spouting conspiracy theories.

What happened to you? The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln or Reagan. It is the party of Donald Trump, a party that has lost its integrity, common sense, courage, and moral compass, a party that is no longer recognizable. In November true conservatives have an opportunity to send a clear and strong message and begin restoring their party to its once great self.

If they don’t take that opportunity maybe they should ask themselves “What the fuck happened to me?”.

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