Trump's legacy by the numbers

Well after 4 years trump has sealed his legacy with yet another failure right up there with Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Wine, Trump Casino, and Trump Airlines, to name just a few. Now add Trump America to that list. Here is a list of Trumps accomplishments by the numbers:

  • $1 Trillion deficit (pre-COVID)
  • $3 Trillion added to the debt (pre-Covid)
  • 4.7 Million jobs lost
  • 18 number of Trump associates who are in jail, waiting sentencing, or waiting trial
  • 308 the number of times trump played golf
  • 400,000+ number of Americans who died from COVID under his watch
  • 34% Approval rating 
  • 160 number of individuals who left the Office of the President
  • 5 Press secretaries
  • 20 members of the Trump Administration with COVID
  • $315 Million trump’s personal debt
  • 5500 number of immigrant children separated from their parents

I know this is a short list but it’s hard to track all of his failures. I might add more as time goes on. Until then…..may trump and his entire family rot in hell.

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