Abuse of Social Media. Houston Council Member Greg Travis

Houston City Council is non partisan although it’s easy to find which party they support by a simple google or reviewing their financial filings. Another way is to look at their official social media account. Case in point, CM Greg Travis.

Travis is still under fire for posting a racist dog whistle on his twitter account, @TravisDistrictG. This account identifies him as a Houston City Councilman. It is not his personal account yet it is a combination of city business, COVID misinformation and right wing political commentary as well as inappropriate posts. 

It begs the question to City Council and the Ethics Committee, is this an acceptable way to use social media as an election official? It would seem that an account that identifies the individual as an elected official of the City of Houston could reflect poorly on City Council especially when they take no action on inappropriate and/or racist posts. These accounts should be for city business ONLY. If a CM wants to make political commentary and/or racist posts they should do it on their PRIVATE account with no reference to Houston City Council.

I’ve contacted City Council for a response. Here are some of his posts:

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