UFOs running for CCISD Board: Christine Parizo

UFO: Unqualified For Office

From the Galveston County Daily News Opinion Page:

This is clear with Christine Parizo, a candidate for District 5. Besides a few superficial commitments, Parizo has no significant educational experience or accomplishments. To compensate, Parizo applied her self-proclaimed skills in “technology, software, and cybersecurity” to create a website filled with misinformation about the school district, a ploy to bolster her campaign by framing the district as dysfunctional.

Parizo isn’t just inexperienced, she’s institutionally ineffective. While Parizo campaigns on bringing fiscal responsibility to the district, she single-handedly cost the district $30,830.34 in frivolous lawsuits. This includes a lawsuit condemning the use of portable classrooms because they supposedly create an environment that isn’t “safe and disciplined,” even though Parizo herself doesn’t want to find the money to build permanent classrooms.

The entire opinion piece written by a former CCISD student can be found here. It is very well written. As I have mentioned before, the Qanon candidates are just plain scary. 

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