Qanon fails in bid to take over CCISD


In the words of Meatloaf: Two out of three ain’t bad.

Two out of three “conservative” candidates failed to win their race for the CCISD board. One more win would have tipped the board towards the Q side of the aisle. These three candidates are not conservative. There is nothing conservative about fiscal irresponsibility or lying, cheating, stealing, or insurrection. These are not traits of true conservatives.

Stephanie Parizo of League City was crushed by her opponent in Distict 5. She was one of those who wanted to oust our current Superintendent. She received a $1000 donation from out of Great Falls Virginia which is just 17 miles from Leesburg Virginia. The Loudoun County School District is located in Leesburg. Our Superintendent was the Superintendent of Loudoun County before coming to CCISD. What a coincidence.

Jeff Larson, former NASA employee, seems on paper to be qualified although listing himself as a republican precinct chair should have solidified his loss in a non partisan race. We will have to watch to see if he truly is a “conservative” or a trump conservative.

In a couple of years Scott Bowen will be up for re-election. He is a trump conservative and does not deserve to be on the board.

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