Texas Constitutional Amendment: Allowing churches to spread COVID

You would think a place of worship would be more concerned about the safety of their sheep than the right to fleece them of their money.

On November 2 there will be an election to decide amendments to the Texas Constitution. Proposition Number 3 will appear on the ballot as

The constitutional amendment to prohibit this state or a political subdivision of this state from prohibiting or limiting religious services of religious organizations during a time of an uncontrollable infectious disease.

Ok. That’s not exactly the wording but it is clear that the republicans in office did not like the lock downs that affected the collection of money at church services during the COVID crisis. I can’t remember when a state or political subdivision has ever had to instruct a church to do something in order to protect the general population. Now with a constitutional amendment churches can gather even during an infectious outbreak, allowing the sheep to infect others in their family and friends circles.

If we ever had another pandemic, or if we can’t seem to shake the current one, there are members of churches who actually believe that gathering together to pray will provide protection. Science has proven otherwise.

It’s sad that our elected officials from a state that has lost over 64,000 Texans to COVID can’s seem to grow the fuck up and do what is right.

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