Movie Review: Cry Macho

Clint Eastwood’s newest movie, Cry Macho, should have been named “Bore me to death Macho”. That was just plain god awful. As someone who considers themself fairly macho, I was no match for this film. I latest just 42 minutes.

The acting, script, plot, and just about everything else was just plain awful. It wasn’t a waste of talent because there was none. Dwight Yoakam, the father who hired Eastwood to return his son from Mexico, was having a difficult time acting like he was an actor. Eastwood is just a shell of the actor he used to be, old, slow, looking confused. I’m surprised he was able to remember his lines. The boy’s acting was overshadowed by his rooster, a cock fighter, which could easily get an academy award nomination for “Cast member that didn’t suck in a movie”.

The script was worthy of a B movie. The plot predictable, although I didn’t see it completely through, I would guess Eastwood saved the boy and his large cock, fell in love with him, and adopted him as his own son he never had. Whether this is a correct or not really doesn’t matter since I will not be watching another minute of it.

Do yourself a favor. Wait till this movie is available at Redbox. Find a free coupon. Rent it. Give it to your neighbors. When they are watching it, steal their lawnmower. At least you will get something out of it.

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