State Representative Dennis Paul. Whining and lying about his cancelled fundraiser

Dennis Paul, a republican from Clear Lake, had to change his annual fundraiser from a Harris County park to Galveston County and we all got to listen to him whine and lie.

According to Dennis Paul, he incorrectly blames Harris County for his staff’s mistakes and lies leading up to his event being cancelled by his own staff.

“Despite having a contract in place for months with Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s office in Precinct 2, we were notified late last week that we would not be able to have any sort of fundraising activities at Clear Lake Park. I would like to think that this was a simple miscommunication, but it seems par for the course for Democrats in Harris County.”

Dennis Paul thinks he is special and entitled to have a fundraiser on County property. (I can’t and you can’t.) When you rent the pavilion you are specifically asked if you are a non profit or charity and whether money will be exchanged, items will be sold, or money raised. Only non profits can exchange money like the Rotary Shrimporee has done in the past for many many years.

Paul’s staff forget, or possibly just lied to Harris County about their event was not for profit. Republicans have mastered the art of lying like a dog. Imagine if our facilities could be used for profit making events. The Landolt Pavilion is a great location and facility and is very reasonable. If for profit organizations were allowed to rent the venue we common folk wouldn’t have an opportunity to rent it ourselves for family reunions, charity events, or company picnics.
But Paul thinks he is special and above the rules because under republican rule the rules were allowed to be broken for many years as they did for his predecessor, John Davis, until he pour grease down the drain and clogged up the water system. 
Paul has since moved his event to another location which is much easier to protest at.

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