Houston City Councilman Greg Travis quits. Again.

Houston City Councilman Greg Travis has quit his elected position to run for another as a republican. From the Houston Chronicle:

“I am torn between representing you at Council or representing you at the State House in Austin,” Travis wrote to his constituents. “I have chosen the latter as I feel I can do more for our families, this District, and Houston in general as a State Representative.”

LOL. This is just rich. He is a quitter, a racist, a Qanon COVID denier, an ass kissing liar, and an asshole. He is a perfect republican. 

He is a quitter. In January of 2020 Travis quit all of his committee assignments leaving the work to his colleagues on city council. Now he is nothing but deadwood. City Council will not miss him.

He is a racist. After posting a racist comment concerning Michelle Obama calls for his resignation came from across the city. Not one republican took his defense, although not one Republican on city council condemned his comments that’s include Kubosh, Martin, and Knox.

He is a Qanon COVID denier. Travis is probably vaccinated while continuing to use his official twitter account to spread misinformation about COVID which has claimed tens of thousands in Houston.

He is an ass kissing liar. With Travis as an elected official Trump will have yet another nose stuffed up his ass to continue supporting the Big Lie. 

He is an asshole. Travis is just an asshole. He is in the same bag of dicks as Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Louie Gohmert.

So it is very logical that Travis is running for a House District as a republican. He is perfect for the job. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 


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