After Michigan shooting TX Gov Greg Abbott calls for arming high school Seniors

Pic from OffTheGridNews


After the shooting at a Michigan high school leaving 4 students dead and 6 wounded Texas Governor Greg Abbott is now calling for arming high school seniors in order to make our school safer. According to Abbott “Students in Texas should feel safe knowing that the star football player or the President of the Student Association is carrying a loaded firearm and is ready to protect them from an active shooter.”

Over the last few legislation sessions Abbott has signed a number of gun friendly laws. In 2009 Abbott supported an open carry policy allowing trained and licensed gun owners the right to carry loaded weapons in public. Last session he went even further allowing permit less carry giving any gun owner the right to open carry without training or securing a license. “The next logical step is to allow guns to be carried into schools by responsible students.”

Texas has had our share of gun shootings in schools and we have taken decisive action to address this. After the Santa Fe high school shooting leaving 10 kids dead we took swift action and passed an open carry bill and a bill allowing the arming of high school teachers. We went further in allowing anyone to carry a gun and passed Permitless Carry which included gang members, drug dealers, MS13, Crips, and people who dress up like GI Joe. 

Ever since passing lax gun laws our rate of deadly shootings has skyrocketed proving our new gun laws are clearly working. “Allowing students to carry guns into the class room should give every Texan a sense of security never seen before.”

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