CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen addresses his dickishness

From Amazon

Last month CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen was called out for being a dick. 

Bowen showed his dickness when a parent was distributing a document to each of the Trustees. She wore a mask because I believe she was being careful about COVID. As she passed by Bowen he played coughed on her then turned to Trustee Cottrell who joined him for a good laugh. It was all quite funny poking fun at a parent concerned about bringing a deadly virus back to her kids at home. Bowen just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a dick about everything. He did a great job.

At the November meeting Bowen apologized for his dick move. You can see him at 1:58:07 from the video of the Trustee meeting on November 15. Maybe next time Bowen might want to act like an adult so he can stay out of the bag of dicks.

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