And…..this is how to respond to racist comments by elected officials

Cy-Fair ISD Trustee Scott Henry, who was endorsed by the Harris County Republican Party, made racist comments at his first school board meeting. He has now lost his job with a software company out of California. From KHOU:

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) — The Cypress Fairbanks ISD trustee at the center of a viral video in which he linked Black teachers to poor school performance is out of a job, according to Splunk.

Splunk, which is an IT company, shared the news of Scott Henry no longer being an employee in response to a tag on Twitter.

Henry could have immediately issued a statement sincerely apologizing for his comments and he could have been spared but he had another problem. Turns out his social media account was chock full of divisive comments. He has since cancelled all of his accounts.

And he has since been cancelled from his job. 

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