Another Harris County Republican lost his job due to racist comments

What the living f*ck has happened to the Harris County Republican Party? (you know the answer)

Another republican from the Harris County Republican Party has lost their job due to making racist comments. Cy-Fair ISD Trustee Scott Henry, who was endorsed by the Harris County Republican Party, made racist comments at his first school board meeting. He has now lost his job with a software company out of California. Henry has since removed his campaign website and all his social media account. I would bet he will be resigning from Cy-Fair ISD soon.

Back in 2020 the newly elected chair of the Harris County Republican Party, Kieth Nielsen, made a racist post concerning a Martin Luther King quote. That racist quote cost him his position as the Planning Commissioner of Pasadena. He later resigned as chair.

Former City Councilman Greg Travis, another HCRP republican, also make racist comments. City Council couldn’t remove him from his committee assignments because he had already resigned many months before. They also couldn’t fire him and since he is self employed he wouldn’t fire himself. Unfortunately his so called “conservative” buddies on City Council, Knox, Kubosh, and Martin said nothing, did nothing. They sat quietly while Travis eventually quit….to run for State Representative.

Good luck with the job hunt.

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