More Dicks running for office as republicans

Eric Dick, the current Harris County Department of Education Trustee, is now running for Harris County Treasurer giving up his seat. His wife, Danielle Dick, is now running for his vacant seat. She has filed an Appointment for Treasurer for Joe Synoradzki the same treasurer Eric uses. Joe works at the Dick Lawfirm.

Danielle will probably use the same method of fundraising Dick has used, that is self financing. Dick over the last few elections has not raised much money depending upon his own personal funds to litter the city with Dick pics signs. Hopefully she will learn from her husband’s mistakes and will not use deceptive mailers implying she is being endorsed by elected officials that will never endorsed her or Dick.

Do one likes a dick. Don’t be a dick:

Dick has a preliminary hearing scheduled at the end of this month in front of the Texas Ethic Commission for his deceptive media content. As you might remember Dick paid for a mailer to the African American community during the 2019 City Council runoff. This mailer did not have the required “Political ad paid for by…” statement. It also looked like prominent Black elected officials such as former President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and others were endorsing his run for Houston City Council. 

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