Texas Ethics Commission refers Harris County elected official to the State Bar

I’m not sure how the State Bar of Texas works or how aggressive they can be towards attorneys in Texas but nevertheless this can’t be something to brag about.

The Texas Ethics Commission has the ability to refer violations of ethics laws to various organizations such as the District Attorney’s Office or the State Bar of Texas. In a letter to the State Bar the TEC has referred Eric Dick, Harris County Dept of Education Trustee for various violations concerning his recent ethics complaint. This complaint ended in a $30,000 fine. According to the letter:

In particular, the Commission would like to notify the Bar of both the conduct at issue in the sworn complaint and in Mr. Dick’s dealings with the Commission in the course of the investigation of the complaint, for which the agency can provide further information.

According to the formal hearing some of his questionable conduct includes possibly lying under oath to the TEC, knowingly filing a false campaign finance report, and failure to show when subpoenaed. The 60 minute video is available online here starting at 1:20:00. Select the hearing for the Texas Ethics Commission on 2/24/22.
The full letter can be viewed here.

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