Raising Campaign Cash: Conservative Republicans of Texas

This is interesting.

A group called the Conservative Republicans of Texas published an endorsement mailer for the 2022 Republican primary with comments from Steven Hotze, the founder, and Jared Woodfill, the President of CROT and the former Chair of the Harris County Republican Party. 

The endorsements include Don Huffines who ran for Governor (lost), Money Mays Middleton who ran for Senate District 11 (won), Eric Dick who ran for Harris County Treasurer (lost) and Vidal Martinez for Harris County Judge (in a runoff). All of these candidates are considered to be extreme far right wing.

Since Jan 1, 2021, CROT raised $641,000 with Defend Texas Liberty PAC donating $150,000 (more on them in a separate post) Huffines $126,500, Money Mayes Middleton $50,000 Eric Dick and Vidal Martinez both donated $50,000. 

The largest donors of $2500 or more totaling $484,600 include:

Don Huffines Campaign 76,500.00
Don Huffines Campaign 50,000.00
Middleton ,Mayes 50,000.00
Eric B. Dick 25,000.00
Eric B. Dick for Harris County Treasurer 25,000.00
Ken Paxton Campaign 25,000.00
Vidal Martinez for Harris County Judge 25,000.00
Vidal Martinez for Harris County Judge 25,000.00
Jerry Mouton Jr Commissioner Campaign 15,000.00
Johnny Mark Teague 15,000.00
Sid Miller Campaign 15,000.00
Valoree Swanson Campaign 15,000.00
J B Flynn Campaign 10,000.00
Jerry Mouton, Jr Commissioner Campaignr  10,000.00
Kerns ,Steve 10,000.00
Mark Keough Campaign 10,000.00
Roberts ,David 10,000.00
Conservative Republicans Of Harris County 8,600.00
Steven Toth Campaign 7,000.00
Bert Keller Campaign 5,000.00
Brandon Steinman Campaign 5,000.00
Bryan Slayton Campaign 5,000.00
C.D. Group 5,000.00
Clockwork Consulting LLC 5,000.00
Darrell Apffel Campaign 5,000.00
Kenneth Clark Campaign 5,000.00
Metts Sr ,James O 5,000.00
Mike Schofield Campaign 5,000.00
Rachal Diane Jackson-Hisler Campaign 5,000.00
Sid Miller Campaign 5,000.00
Henry Dugie for Galveston County Treasurer  2,500.00

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