CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen using pics of kids in re-election mailers

This is not cool! Not sure if it is illegal, but it certainly is NOT cool!

Imagine receiving a mailer from someone like Scott Bowen, someone who you do not support for re-election to the local school board, and finding a picture of your daughter or son on the mailer. Yeah. That is NOT cool. I’m a bit surprised that the printer did not question Bowen on whether he had permission to use the images.

That is what some parents have woke up to. Bowen sent out a mailer that not only included a picture of kids but also members of the CCISD board and others, many, I would bet, do not support Bowen. He did not get permission from the parents to use their imagine in his advertisement or his social media accounts. Some parents have already called him out on this:

Mr. Bowen, as a parent of a student at XXXXXX, I’m concerned about your use of student images in this post. I gave permission for my student’s image to be used by CCISD, but I did not consent to their image being used in support of your campaign. I respectfully ask that you remove all images containing students from this post.

This is the kind of behavior Bowen has brought to the CCISD Board. It’s like he is above the law, the rules do not apply to him, or he just likes to push the envelope because no one will hold him accountable. Just like the former guy.

Bowen doesn’t have kids. If he did he would know better. He has no experience in education. If he did he would know better. We need to elect someone else.

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