Recap of the CCISD Forum. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

The Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce held a forum for the CCISD candidates. The entire forum can be viewed at the I45Now channel here

The Good. Jessica Cejka and Krysten Garcia. Out of the five these are two very outstanding candidates. Clearly both are very knowledgeable in education matters. Both showed confidence, poise, and were very comfortable answering questions. Watching them answer the questions you could tell they could easily talk in detail about any subject. Both were very impressive. As former educators they would bring a wealth of knowledge and applicable experience to the board.

The Bad. Carl Nunn. Chief Nunn has spent his career in law enforcement but he has had trouble transitioning to being a candidate for a school board. He was clearly having trouble answering some questions. As an example at about 52:45 he took a considerable amount of time to think about the question then simply punted and could not answer. Would he be better than the current board member? Absolutely. 

The Ugly. Misty Dawson. Ms. Dawson is clearly out of her element. At about 31:15 on the question of property taxes her opponent took the entire minute to answer the question while Ms. Dawson took a whole 5 seconds to simply agree. She is self financing but stated candidates should take money from partisan organizations. She had trouble answering questions. At about 58:15 she had to pass on answering since she did not know what “at risk student” meant. According to the moderator “at risk student” is actually defined by the Texas Education Agency. 

Scott Bowen. He is great at pandering to the audience and cloaking his extreme, right wing, partisan, views when necessary. Bowen is one of the reasons we have parents coming to the School Board meetings causing unnecessary trouble on non-existent issues. He seems to enjoy being the instigator of chaos. He should take these skills and run for a partisan office where they will be appreciated.

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