Lending Obscene Campaign Cash: Scott Bowen, candidate for CCISD

There is something seriously wrong with this.

In a race that requires a couple of thousand dollars, a handful of signs, and attending meet and greets with education professionals and the community, Scott Bowen has broken the bank. His own bank.

According to his 30 day campaign finance report Bowen raised over $25,000……sort of. Bowen loaned his campaign a staggering amount of $20,000. Many candidates for CCISD in the past have loaned their campaigns money but $20,000 is outrageous much like State Representative Money Mayes Middleton who self financed his campaign with over $2.5 Million for a race that should have cost $500,000 if it was competitive. (it wasn’t) 

This self financing is the latest tactic being used by wealthy republican candidates. Eric Dick a republican for County Treasurer self financed his campaign for over $250,000. (he lost) As I have reported before:

Much like Kathaleen Wall who invested $6 Million for a Congressional primary (and lost), and David Mayes Middleton who invested $1.5 Million [$2.5M total]  for his State House primary win, Huffines invested $6 Million for his primary win for a State Senate seat. Out of his $7.4 fundraising haul 81% came from his own pocket!

$20,000 for a school board race is obscene. There is more to this. Bowen’s Treasurer left right after the 2019 election. Currently he does not have a Treasurer on file and will have to explain that to the Texas Ethics Commission. There is more concerning the mailer he sent with pictures of kids which he did not have permission to do but that is for later.

His remaining donations of about $5000 includes $1300 from Kevin Odit who ran for CCISD back in 2021 and a $2000 donation from Thomas McNutt from Corsicana Texas. McNutt is another extreme far right candidate who the party rejected in the 2022 primary for State Representative.

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