Fact check: Misty Dawson for CCISD school board

Just saw a pic on Facebook from Misty Dawson who is running for the CCISD school board. She is working hard to follow the Republican Party playbook of misleading and scare tactics.

A couple of things:

  • The Appraisal District [the Appraisal District is a separate office than the Tax Assessor] accesses taxes based upon home values. It’s not like they willy nilly raise the assessment. Home sales are through the roof for reasons unknown. Tax rates have not changed. She might want to contact the Galveston County Tax Assessor for accurate information. (The Assessor is a republican)
  • CCISD has NOT considered eliminating the homestead exemption. As part of their budget process this is always on the table, as it should be, but has never been considered especially in the most recent years. When the State has cash strapped the school districts sometimes drastic cuts or considerations must be take but not this time. So this is nothing more than a scare tactic addressed towards the ill informed.
  • She claims she will fight for keeping the homestead exemption, something that isn’t being considered, again catering to the ill informed. 
  • And BTW….CCISD’s M&O is at the lowest rate allowed by law and the State actually penalizes school districts for not taxing enough. Go figure.
It’s disappointing that candidates, not just her, will yell and scream about cutting taxes while advocating for raising the wages of teachers across the board. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Anyone can call for cutting taxes but it takes talent and cooperation to establish a fiscally responsible budget.
Ms Dawson claims to have been a Controller for a company but hasn’t identified that company. She should know better.

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