Special interest money in the CCISD elections. We knew it was coming….

This is what happens when candidates (Misty Dawson and Scott Bowen) for CCISD School Board are more concerned about their Party than the parents of CCISD school kids. 

Texans for Excellent Education is a PAC created last year. They have 2 donors, Kathaleen Wall and Holloway Frost, two extremely rich, far right, republican donors. Wall is well known for spending about $13 Million trying to win a primary in two different congressional districts. She lost both in epic fashion. She is now helping out her buddy Bowen and has donated $25,000 to the special interest PAC.

Holloway Frost is the former CEO of Texas Memory Systems and has donated over $1.8 Million to various far right candidates. He has donated $90,000 to this new PAC. The PAC specifically supports a couple of candidates including Misty Dawson. His PAC’s treasurer is Larry Hicks who is the treasurer for a number of extreme right wing candidates and organizations.

What they intend to do with their money in support of Misty Dawson is unknown at the time but with that kind of money they can easily blanket the district with paid block walkers, paid phone bankers, and paid mailers by The Yates Company, Scott Bowen’s favorite advertising agency. Dawson brags about self financing her campaign wit her $20,000 loan from her company but she fails to mention this PAC’s contributions.

Party Politics over School Parents. It’s happening here in the district. 

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