Screw ERCOT. Set your AC to 72

Texans haven’t learned their lessons yet. ERCOT has asked Texans to set their AC to 78 because the grid remains fragile even after it should have been fixed 20 years ago with electricity  deregulation. 

Texans froze for 3 days as a result of that failure. Over 200 Texans died. Tens of thousands was spent on home repairs due to burst pipes. Electricity rates have since skyrocketed. 
Add in the exploding cost of home insurance,  property taxes and college education and the cost of gas is at an all time even in the “energy capital of the world”. And we can’t ignore the 87,000 Texans who died of COVID because of tour failed leadership. Yet Texans will still vote for failure. 
So I’m setting my AC to 72 and if It contributes to a week long blackout in the heat of August, we’ll maybe, just maybe,  Texans might pull their heads out of the oven and do something different in November. 

John Cobarruvias 
14646 Cardinal Creek Ct 
Houston texas 77062

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