What idiot allowed carrying loaded assault weapons in the public?

Senator Charles “Dick Pic” Schwertner from Georgetown.

Texas Senator Charles Schwertner was involved in a dick pic scandal at the University of Texas. According to Fox News (yes, Fox even covered it)

Schwertner allegedly texted the student, “I just really want to f— you,”  and sent her a photo of what appeared to be his genitals in the shower. The image does not show his face, officials said, and the student never responded to the message.

According to the Houston Chronicle it seems that someone else had access to Schwertner’s cell phone and encryption app as well as a pic of Schwertner’s dick. That anonymous person sent the dick pic. How they obtained a pic of Schwertner’s dick while he was in the shower is still unknown. But I digress…..

Schwertner sponsored the permit less carry bill allowing anyone to walk in public, free of harassment from law enforcement, with loaded assault weapons which includes wannabe GI Joes in full body armor, cartel members, and drug dealers. My State Representative Dennis Paul co-sponsored the bill.

What kind of idiot thinks this is safe? If you saw someone dressed like a cartel member walking down your street you can call the police but they cannot do anything. They can’t ask if they are licensed to carry, because they do not have to have a license to carry. They can’t ask if they are felons or otherwise not allowed to carry that weapon. They only time they can take action is when it is too late.

BTW. Schweriners wife filed for divorce.

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