Final campaign finance report: CCISD candidate Misty Dawson

Some CCISD candidates have filed post election financial reports. I believe there will might be another set filed for some candidates after July 15th as well as for the Harris County Republican Party which spent a considerable amount of money in their support of Scott Bowen and possibly Misty Dawson.

According to her report filed with CCISD Misty Dawson spent over $26,000 but $20,000 was simply to repay a loan she took from her pool company the month prior. She never spent the $20,000. Maybe she just wanted to pad her campaign account to make it look like she was supported by the community.

Over $6000 was spent on advertising with The Yates Company a group used by republicans including Scott Bowen. In total she spent about $8000 for the entire campaign. She has $0 Cash on Hand. This should end her failed attempt at gaining a seat on the CCISD board, a position she was clearly unqualified for based upon her performances in various forums.

What is frightening is that she lost by less than 50 votes.

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