Final campaign finance report: CCISD candidate Scott Bowen

Scott Bowen spent a boat load of money on his re-election campaign for CCISD school board. Even with his expenditures and the support from the Republican Party, he failed to get 50% of the vote.

In his last campaign finance report Bowen spent over $14,762 on advertising with The Yates Company, an advertising firm that caters to the right wing of the Republican Party. His entire expenditures for his campaign was over $20,000 not including the mailer sent by the Harris county Republican Party. 

He still has an outstanding loan of $20,000 on his books. He received a contribution of $1000 from Jeff Yates (affiliated with The Yates Company?) and $1000 from his mother. 

Campaigns for school boards usually require a few thousand dollars. Bowen spent over $20,000, 5 times more than any other candidate and yet he couldn’t get more than 50% of the entire vote. Luckily with his buddy’s loss, Misty Dawson, failed to give Bowen a leadership position on the board.

I look forward to finding out how much the Harris county Republican Party contributed to this race.

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