Contributing campaign cash: HEB Groceries

Some folks have been talking about how much HEB has donated to elected officials in Texas so I did a quick search. Here is what I found.

Charles C. Butt the CEO of HEB has donated over $23 Million since the year 2000. Of that $23 Million, $10.8 Million was donated to the Charles Butt Public Education Political Action Committee, a group which advocates for Public Education. He also donated $1.5 Million to Texas Parent PAC that also advocates for public education.

There are a few donations that raises red flags such as the $1.2 Million he had donated to Greg Abbott, his last donation of $100,000 coming in 2020. Maybe he has had second thoughts with Abbott advocating for vouchers. He also donated $31,000 to Senator Schwerter who was caught sending a dick pic to a student. $300,000 was donated to HILLCO PAC, a right wing group. 

So overall most of his donations are to pro-public education organizations but he has donated to some anti-public education officials such as Governor Greg Abbott. The entire list of donations can be viewed here.

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