Hispanic Caucus at the Texas Democratic Convention

Another large and enthusiastic crowd at the Hispanic Caucus.

Luckily they put party business before speeches electing two State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) members and then passing a resolution to endorse current Chair Gilberto Hinojosa before adjourning.

Although the vast majority of members loudly supported Hinojosa there were pockets that were not. No one nominated either of the other two candidates so it is hard to gauge his support but it does seem to be pretty solid, but not completely. We heard from Carroll Robinson and he seemed to have a solid argument for a change in leadership. I look forward to hearing Kim Olson speak.

Many of the speakers talked about the strength of the Hispanic vote unfortunately over the last few elections Hispanics have not voted their strength. I have seen this party work on issues that are core to the Hispanic community for years, decades, and yet they do not vote their strength. If they would no one who makes fun of our language would ever hold office again. No one who puts a target on our backs because of our skin color would ever hold office again. Yet….they do not vote their strength. 

Personally I have no idea WTF they are waiting for. Their kids have been shot. Their electricity cut off. They are targeted by white supremacy groups. Their home insurance, electricity, taxes, home prices have skyrocketed. WTLF are they waiting for?

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