Women's Caucus at the Texas Democratic Convention. LOTS of energy here!

Texas Democratic Women are NOT happy with the direction our state is going. In fact most women should not be happy. Hell, most men shouldn’t be happy. I was a minority at this caucus but I was glad I attended. It was full of good information and energetic speeches.

The Founder of Mothers Against Greg Abbott spoke and showed their latest ad which can be viewed below. She received a standing welcome by the standing room only crowd. This caucus had one of the largest rooms dedicated to their presentation. 
Sisters United Alliance,  an organization working to get women who have registered but not voted out to vote. Sherrie Matula from the Clear Lake area is the founder of the organization and made a call for money based upon their success in the last few elections. They are targeting nearly 1 Million women voters in this next election cycle.
Texas Democratic Women organized the event and coordinated the speakers including Janey Dudding running for Texas Comptroller, Susan Hays for Agriculture Commissioner, Judge Maldonado for the Texas Supreme Court. Very strong women candidates. There was fire in this room, not literally, but these women (and men) were hot. A number of issues were discussed such as gun violence, women’s rights, and the attacks on our teachers and schools.  There is energy here. 
MAGA’s ad below is titled Nothing Changes. I think this could be the theme of this election because nothing will change when it comes to safety for our families, women’s rights to their own bodies, cost of electricity, the electric grid being fixed, etc etc until we take action and vote. It is up to us alone.

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