Raising Campaign Cash: State Representative Dennis Paul (voucher money)

Dennis Paul isn’t exactly a money making machine when it comes to raising campaign cash. 

In his last financial report Paul raised $34,606, spent $21,461, and has $26,554 cash on hand. He still maintains an outstanding loan amount of $111,000. For a State House race $34,606 is a loser but Paul is in a safe district. Paul could be caught with giving a 18 year old a loaded assault weapon to shoot up a bunch of children and he will still be elected.

$1025 came from three individuals. $33,529 came from PAC money including $2500 from the Charter Schools Now PAC. As much as Paul kisses the ass of the NRA he has not received any money from any gun nut organization. 

BTW. Paul has scrubbed his website of any mention of any gun nut organizations. Luckily what is posted on the internet, stays on the internet.

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