Local Representative attends extreme white wing event

Dennis Paul
State Representative Dennis Paul

This is disturbing.

Local State Representative Dennis Paul attended a meeting at the Hampton inn in Webster, Texas, by the “True Texas Project” an organization labeled as an extremist anti-government group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to the Houston Chronicle this group was banned from a local church:

Leaders of Webster Presbyterian Church, where astronaut Buzz Aldrin is a “ruling elder,” banned far-right political group True Texas Project from holding events in their meeting spaces and removed the group’s events from its calendar last week, according to texts and emails obtained by Chron. Houston Chronicle July 22, 2022

The all white attendees listened to Paul and State Senator Paul Bettencourt talk about “Igniting the spirit of the original Texians”. Who are the Texians? “Texians were Anglo-American residents of Mexican Texas and, later, the Republic of Texas.” Wikipedia. Just an FYI for you white wing history deniers:

Mexico invited white people to come and settle in what later became Texas. All they asked was for them to learn the language and become citizens. Instead they decided to steal the land, with 200 military idiots picking a fight with 1500 well armed Mexican soldiers in San Antonio. They were killed and their bodies burned.

According to True Texas’ website, “We believe in Constitutional government, national sovereignty, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and rule of law.” Paul is an election denier. He doesn’t believe Biden is the duly elected President. He doesn’t take personal responsibility for the COVID response disaster leading to the death of his own friends or the 19 children killed in Uvalde because of easy access to assault weapons. And “the rule of law” is nothing but a punch line to him and his party.

True Texas is mainly funded by the billionaires identified by CNN in “Deep in the Pockets of Texas”, Timothy Dunn, and Defend Texas Liberty PAC funded by Dunn and Wilks. Their top donors Include:

Empower Texans PAC25,000.00
Defend Texas Liberty PAC24,731.97
Defend Texas Liberty PAC21,000.00
Dunn ,Timothy18,000.00
Dunn ,Timothy13,000.00
Middleton ,Mayes13,000.00
Saulsbury ,Dick12,000.00
Empower Texans4,000.00
Texans for Dan Patrick3,000.00
Mason  ,David2,400.00
Mason  ,David2,085.00
Empower Texans2,000.00
Mason  ,David2,000.00
Patrick ,Dan 2,000.00

Why Dennis Paul would attend such as extremist organization says a lot about him. Maybe Paul can arrange a meeting space for them at his own church, St Bernadettes.

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