Another republican talking point down in flames: Bail reform

It isn’t getting any better for the Harris County Republican Party. With gas prices falling, consumer confidence rising, unemployment at record low levels, the economy is recovering from COVID, inflation on the way down, women angry about government overreach into their uterus, electricity prices skyrocketing, streets are flooded with guns, the party is grasping for a message. One of those has just been shot down.

Harris County, under an agreement with the federal government in 2017, ushered in bail reform for misdemeanor cases. Needless to say the MAGAt Republicans jumped on this like a 18 year old at a raffle for an AR15 assault rifle claiming it would increase crime. It didn’t. According to a study documented by The Texas Standard:

Now, new research from the University of Pennsylvania’s Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice indicates Harris County’s bail policies do not compromise public safety.

In the words of Rick Perry, Oops. The Houston Chronicle has more on this subject. The scare tactics by the Republican Party are nothing but scare tactics. It’s all they have at this point. Facts do not matter to them. Neither do studies. But the facts remain crime statistics are on the decline even though Abbott has flooded the streets with uncontrolled gun access putting our police on high alert.

Maybe the republicans might want to look at their record over the last 20 years before shooting their mouths and feet off.

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