Texas by the numbers. (it ain’t pretty)

Greg Abbott has begun his campaign attacking Beto O’Rourke. It’s all he has. Abbott can’t run on his record but Beto can and probably will. After 20 years of republican rule in Texas with 8 years as Governor, here is Abbott’s record:

10 Responses to Texas by the numbers. (it ain’t pretty)

  1. […] the republicans might want to look at their record over the last 20 years before shooting their mouths and feet […]

  2. sneckelmann says:

    As soon as we stop getting distracted by the jingling keys of culture wars, we can get a clear picture of the GOP failures.

    They do it intentionally, though. Stay controversial & keep them angry – don’t give the news the opportunity to cover anything but the latest outrage.

    Similar to the “firehose of falsehood” propaganda technique.

  3. SL Moore says:

    It wasn’t necessary to besmirch one of the greatest Universities in the world with that photoshopped sign. Yeah, Abbott sucks, but not THE University of Texas- ya scumbag.

  4. […] Well, its pretty clear what teachers are being told: either quit, or quit complaining. Teachers have a choice in November. They can accept the low pay, the understaffing, the constant attacks by elected officials and the school MAGAts in their districts or they can vote to fix this mess. Under republican rule, that teachers have tolerated, Texas ranks 45th in school funding, 49th in teacher retirement benefits, and 49th in teacher healthcare. It just ain’t pretty. […]

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