Greg Abbott to teachers: Quit or Quit Complaining

After 20 years of Republican rule in Texas teachers might be finally wising up. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Citing financial stress, a toxic workplace culture and a recent lack of support and respect, more than three-quarters of Texas teachers are seriously considering leaving the profession, a poll from the Charles Butt Foundation found.

Well, its pretty clear what teachers are being told: either quit, or quit complaining. Teachers have a choice in November. They can accept the low pay, the understaffing, the constant attacks by elected officials and the school MAGAts in their districts or they can vote to fix this mess. Under republican rule, that teachers have tolerated, Texas ranks 45th in school funding, 49th in teacher retirement benefits, and 49th in teacher healthcare. It just ain’t pretty.

But teachers can fix this or they can just shut the hell up and quit complaining.

2 Responses to Greg Abbott to teachers: Quit or Quit Complaining

  1. linmc05 says:

    While I don’t have any direct “skin in the game”, I am retired and recognize that out teachers should make themselves familiar with their Texas teacher’s retirement fund and how it is performing and how it is being handled.

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