Raising Campaign Cash: Judge Lina Hidalgo

Unlike her opponent, Judge Hidalgo is raising the vast majority of her donations from small donors.

Mealer raised 46% of her $4.9 Million haul from just 19 individual republican sugar daddies with 9 individuals giving $1.7 Million with donations of $100,000 or more.

Hidalgo’s report contains about 1100 pages of donations. The reports provided by the County are not easy to read. They are not searchable so it was difficult looking through 1100 pages but I tried. Hidalgo raised about $1.5 million from approximately 5500 donors. She has $2 Million remaining Cash On Hand. I found 1 donation of $103,000, a couple of $25,000 donations and a few in the $1000 range but the vast majority of the donations were from small donors.

It’s pretty clear who each will represent on Commissioners court.

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