Raising Campaign Cash: Sugar Daddies for Mealer

Well, David Weekley wasn’t lying about republican sugar daddies funding Alexandra Mealer for County Judge.

The reports provided by Harris County are difficult to read but I tried my best. I believe I missed some big donations and will update if needed. She has about 510 pages of donations with a remaining Cash on Hand of $1.7 Million.

According to her last report Mealer raised $4.9 Million a tad shy of what Weekley had promised. $1.7 Million came from 9 individuals including $120,000 from the MAGAt Mac family. Another $500,000 came from 10 individuals/PACs giving $50,000 each. 19 individuals/PACs gave Mealer 47% of her entire donations. The report is sprinkled with a number of $25,000 donors. Mealer definitely has the republican sugar daddy support.

Here are the top donors:

Richard Weekley$350,000.00
Josiah Huggins$150,000.00
MAGAt Mac$120,000.00
Chowdary Yalamanchi$100,000.00
John McGill$100,000.00
Kim Marling$100,000.00

2 Responses to Raising Campaign Cash: Sugar Daddies for Mealer

  1. sneckelmann says:

    All for sale to do their bidding.

  2. […] raising and spending nearly $9 Million Mealer came up short. In her report filed in mid October her sugar daddies came to her […]

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