The GOP is having a movement. #DumpTrump

Losing the Presidency, the House, and theSenate in 2020 wasn’t enough for the Republican Party to rid itself of Donald Trump. Maybe the red wave of 2022 that turned out to be nothing but a light trickle might just do it. Many “conservatives” are encouraging the GOP to make a big push and expel him out of the party once and for all.

It’s not that trump is a rotten human being, or a racist, or an asshole, or a liar, or cheat. It’s not that he made fun of a disabled American, or refers to Asian Americans as “Chow Chow”, or Native Americans as “Pocahantas”, or that he is cruel to immigrants coming to the United States legally, or that he porked a porn star and paid her off to keep silent. No, it’s much more important than all of that. Trump is losing elections and the GOP is losing power. That is why they are calling for the GOP to take a dump.

Unfortunately it’s not going to be easy to get rid of the stench of trump and his family. It’s like stepping in a pile of dog shit and tracking it throughout the house. It’s going to take time to clean it up all the while your house will smell like shit. Trump on the other hand has his own plans. To get the attention focused back on him he will announce a run for 2024. He will then be indicted but will use that to further his “witch hunt” claims to his advantage. Then the fun begins.

Trump will lose the primary but will not give up power. I can see the Coalition of Right Wing America First Party (CRAP) forming with all of his truck driving, flag waving, politically ignorant “patriots” right behind him. He will spit the Republican Party handing a defeat to all republicans across the board. No one, NO ONE, disrespects Donald without paying the price, and they will pay. Dearly.

Of course AG Garland might hand the GOP a gift with an indictment concerning Jan 6 and the GOP will have a way out of this mess they stepped in. Until then it’s time for them to make one big push to rid themselves of this MAGAt and move on to the next one. DeSantis.

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