The whiny little b*tches of the Harris County GOP

There is nothing worse than a whiny ass little bitch.

After getting their asses handed to them, again, the Harris County republican party has started its whining and Greg Abbott has responded with calling for an investigation into “election integrity”. Just like Abbott’s million dollar investigation into voter fraud and like Ken Paxton’s million dollar boondoggle this investigation will not end in any voter fraud charges. It’s nothing but a bunch of whiny little bitches looking for an excuse for losing their asses. Again.

Republicans knew this was coming. They ended straight ticket voting but lost anyway. Steven Hotze offered a bounty of $10,000 for voter fraud but nothing has been found. They sued to end drop off sites for ballots and anything that would make it easy for Texans to vote. The big lie and the false claims about voting integrity is just that and it is alive in Harris County. They really have nothing else to run on.

The top of the ticket, MAGAt Mealer spent nearly $10 Million from her sugar daddies and flooded the airwaves with misleading and false ads and they still lost. The Republican Party has nothing to offer except “keeping us safe from the Mexicans” even though they have been in charge for over two decades and haven’t solved the problem yet.

Here is one of their whines from the Houston Chronicle:

The Harris County Republican Party filed a lawsuit against Tatum and the county on Monday, alleging several violations of the Texas Election code and claimed paper shortages at 23 out of 782 voting locations amounted to voter suppression.

23 out of 782 had paper shortages. Not 230, 23. Voter suppression? Really? Voter suppression? This is laughable.

One Response to The whiny little b*tches of the Harris County GOP

  1. Julie Dittman says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog. They are such sore losers!

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