The 11 Individuals who financed MAGAt Mealer for Harris County Judge. And lost.

Mattress “MAGAt” Mac has a reason to look disappointed.

Analyzing the campaign finance reports file with Harris County is not easy. The County provides pdf files that are not searchable. They do not have a method to download all contributions to a spreadsheet like the Texas Ethics Commission has. So I had to look at every singe page (over 2000) and identify the major donors to Mealer. (You’re welcome) I’ve tried my best to be accurate looking for total donations that amount to over $100,000. I know I missed a few, but not many. So here are the totals.

Alexandra “MAGAt” Mealer raised over $9 Million in her losing effort against Judge Lina Hidalgo. $3.9 Million of this total, 43%, came from just 11 individuals. The biggest loser is Mattress MAGAt Mac who donated nearly 10% of the entire fundraising total at $920,000. Richard Weekley followed with $605,000, and Alan Hassenflu was at a cool $500,000.

You are probably asking yourself “Who the fuck is Alan Hassenflu?”. Well, Hassenflu has donated $500,000 to Texas for Lawsuit Reform (deform) and $450,000 to the Houston Regional Business Coalition who donated $210,000 to Mealer. Weekley is a developer, brother of David Weekley, the homebuilder. David only donated $25,000 to Mealer. The extreme white wing PAC, Defend Texas Liberty donated $100,000. The total donations from these 11 individuals and 2 PACs totaled $422,000 or 46% of the entire total raised by Mealer.

Even with nearly half of all the $9 Million raised from just 11 individuals and 2 PACs MAGAt Mealer lost. All the commercials with MAGAt Mattress Mac, all the misinformation and downright lies by Mealer, all the poorly placed support by the Houston Police Officers Union, all of the $9 Million was for nothing. Voters saw through it all.

Here are the top losers of the MAGAt Mealer campaign:

MAGAt Mac$920,000.00
Modest, David$610,000.00
Weekley, Richard$605,000.00
Flores, James $200,000.00
Huggins, Josiah$150,000.00
Nau, John$125,000.00
McGill, Don$100,000.00

3 Responses to The 11 Individuals who financed MAGAt Mealer for Harris County Judge. And lost.

  1. Joseph P. Jaworski says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. John!

  2. […] Mac bet $1 Million on Alexandra MAGAt Mealer hoping to beat Judge Lina Hidalgo. Unlike betting on the Houston Astros, he lost. Mac financed 1/10 […]

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