The whining for Mattress MAGAt Mac continues in the Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle has a boner for Mattress MAGAt Mac.

MAGAt Mac bet $1 Million on Alexandra MAGAt Mealer hoping to beat Judge Lina Hidalgo. Unlike betting on the Houston Astros, he lost. Mac financed 1/10 of the total Mealer raised for her losing campaign. She out raised and out spent Hidalgo by 3 to 1 and yet she lost much like Trump did in 2020 and 2022 and the whining of the little bitches is just beginning.

The Houston Chronicle, as well as the Houston Astros, couldn’t get enough of MAGAt Mac with Mac throwing out the first ball in the World Series and getting front page coverage after cussing out Phillies fans in Philadelphia much like all Christians would do, repeatedly yelling FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU which was caught on video. The Chronicle just loved it. They adore him. They fucking love his MAGAt ass.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Chronicle allowed an advertisement paid for by Gallery Furniture from a “concerned citizen” kissing the ass of MAGAt Mac. It’s funny that this “concerned citizen” was critical of Hidalgo throwing shade on Mac’s losing bet claiming it was a low blow yet that same “concerned citizen” probably didn’t have any problems with his/her idol, Donald Trump, when he mocked a disable person, or made racist names for his opponents. He/she probably wouldn’t have any problems when one of the MAGAt republicans would make fun of an opponent or be an asshole when they they lost. It is wrong when they do it, but justified when MAGAts do it.

That is why they are MAGAts. They are low lifes. Deplorables. Rotten bastards. Prior to 2010 when the Teabagger Party was formed with Mattress MAGAt Mac being one of the biggest supporters and donors, this type of behavior would have been thrown out of the Republican Party. Back then they were conservatives. They believed in the rule of law. They believed in decency, honor, respect, loyalty to the Country. Now it is a requirement to be a loud mouth, lying, mother fucking, douchebag, asshole of a human being, to be a member of the Republican Party. Just like trump.

This is who they are.

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