League City SausageFest green lights book burning

Last nights League City Council meeting was a total sausage fest.

The all white male members of the League City Council voted to beginning their purging of books from the city’s public library. On a split 4-3 vote and after almost 3 hours of comments from the community the Council approved a resolution, disguised as a resolution to protect children, that will open the door to banning books. It’s as if it was the 1930’s again. In Germany.

43 individuals including Republicans, librarians, men and women with advanced degrees in education, religious leaders, and others voiced their opposition to this unnecessary mingling into the work of Librarians. Only 10 individuals spoke in favor, many from an obscure church, and CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen, identifying himself as a Trustee. (Bowen doesn’t even live in League City and does NOT represent the CCISD Board or his constituents on this matter.)

The comments from the Librarians, who have advanced degrees in education, stated that this poorly thought resolution was not necessary. They were creating a solution for a problem that does not exist. Books are currently screened by professionals, not religious zealots or political freaks. Four of the members didn’t care and voted for it anyway. Usually resolutions are passed unanimously with the authors working with everyone to come up with wording that everyone could stand united on. That didn’t happen last night.

Let’s hope that all these white, wholesome, christian, males pushing this book ban based upon their family values are never caught cheating on their wife or breaking the law because that would be a delicious treat to share. They could use the fire from the books to cook it.

2 Responses to League City SausageFest green lights book burning

  1. jboxell says:

    Embarrassing and perplexing that shit show of a proceeding, with redlines being made at the last moment, completely ignoring a sound solution from one of their own councilman, could happen in a city this large.

  2. RL Brown says:

    Just a thought – have you ever noticed that when ever the ultra-extreme radical conservatives want to attack freedom of thought they wrap it up as a means to protect children? In the 40s their attacks were on comic books and that segued to McCarthy and Cohn complaints about commie books infiltrating our schools and libairies, then there were those funny dances we did in school, then rock & roll taking over the airwaves, then . . . Yes, we must protect our children from ever thinking! You see, we can hide behind the children. Everything old is new again.

    As an after thought, raise your hand if you remember good old gay & red baiting Roy Cohn? He is a direct link to good old djt – taught djt everything he ever knew! Old djt said so. How long ago was it that old Whiney was begging, where is my Roy Cohn?

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