How to fix the Republican Party Part IV: Stop attacking our Gay community

It just make you want to ask the question that needs to be asked.

What the fuck is wrong with you? It’s 2022. You have friends who are gay. Your kids teachers are gay. Your elected officials are gay. The guy driving next to you might be gay. They are our friends, our relatives, our kids and yet the Republican Party can’t stop attacking them based upon their “family values”.

Seriously what the living fuck is wrong with you? Yesterday the all white, male, christian, city council members of League City Texas narrowly passed a resolution to ban books based upon their christian values. It’s nothing but an attack on the gay community. It’s happening all across this country with Governor Desantis signing a “Don’t be gay” bill and with Texas to follow suit. Republican candidates across the country have targeted the gay community as well as their mouthpieces of Fox News and other extreme white wing commentators.

Their actions, words, and hate are getting people killed. It needs to stop. The Republican Party runs on hate. Hate for Mexicans, Gays, teachers, law enforcement, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, and other non-white Christians. It just needs to stop before more are killed.

It’s as if the Republican Party is stuck in Germany . During the 1930’s.

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