OMG! Harris County Republican Party continues to whine.

It just isn’t going to stop.

Harris County Republican candidate for the 189th Judicial seat has filed a lawsuit demanding a new election, one that she lost by 6000 votes. What a bunch of whiny ass, little bitches. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Republican judicial candidate Erin Lunceford filed a petition Wednesday seeking a new election in Harris County’s 189th judicial district court race after losing by 2,743 votes out of more than 1 million ballots cast.

Lunceford’s opponent, Democrat Tamika Craft, won the election by 0.26 percent of the vote.

Lunceford needs to grow a pair and quit whining. Now granted, Tamika Craft should have never won the Democratic Primary over a very good Judge, Judge Dollinger, and she shouldn’t have won the general either. She is just that bad of a candidate but that isn’t the point. The point is she won. By 6000 votes. If Lunceford wants a recount, then ask for it. Do it. Just like everyone else has. Then shut the hell up whether you win or lose.

But for fuck sakes, quit the fuckin whining.

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