Clear Lake’s State Representative files bills to limit voting of seniors and military

Let’s just call it what it is. Cheating. And stupid. Voting by mail is secure and is used exclusively by many states. It is also used by many senior and military personal serving overseas.

From a press release by Bay Area Democratic Movement:

CONTACT: Sam Alix, President

Jan. 24, 2023, Houston—The Bay Area Democratic Movement (BADM) condemns the proposal by Republican State Representative Dennis Paul to further restrict voting in Texas.

“This is voter suppression, clear and simple,” said BADM President Sam Alix. “While Democrats work to make it easier for every Texan to cast their ballot, Texas Republicans are following the national right-wing agenda and scheming to make it harder.”

The bill, H.B. 1180, would cut off four days from the time voters may request a ballot to vote by mail, and one day off the time to count ballots, among other restrictions.
Texas already ranks as one of the worst states for voting, according to the Election Law Journal, which wrote, “many of the new laws are unnecessary, lack substance and create confusion, concluding they place cumbersome responsibilities on election workers and local election officials while also confusing voters and even discouraging voter turnout.”

Representative Paul’s bill follows the MAGA voter suppression agenda based on Donald Trump’s myth of voter fraud. This past year alone, Republicans have pushed more than 400 voter suppression bills across the country in order to make it harder for Black and Hispanic voters, senior citizens, and college students to cast their ballots.
“Instead of working on issues Texans care about, like lowering our home insurance and electricity rates, and making our children safe from gun violence, Dennis Paul is trying to make it harder to vote him out of office,” said BADM community advocate, John Cobarruvias.

Bay Area Democratic Movement (BADM) is a Democratic club located in Texas House District 129. During the November 2022 election campaign, BADM volunteers contacted about 15,000 voters, staffed a local Democratic headquarters, hosted an Early Vote rally, and devoted over 300 hours to a candidate endorsement process. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of most months and are open to the public. More information can be found at    # # #

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