The real cost of contact lenses.

Last year I bought 8 boxes of contact lenses for about $110.00. They lasted me two years since I only use one lens in the right eye. This year I was pricing the cost of 8 boxes of Acuvue for Astigmatism. The cost is now over $200. Most of the online companies advertise a low price of about $110.00 for 8 boxes plus another $160 for “insurance, fees, and/or processing”. It’s hard to imagine what kind of fees and insurance cost more than the actual price of the lenses but that is where we are.

Here is a list of companies and their prices. Some actually fold in their fees into the cost.

Vendoradvertised pricefeesReal price
Web Eye Care$115.92$112.44$228.36
EZ Contacts$239.60$0.00$239.60
Contact Lense King$111.92$135.84$260.71
Glasses USA$111.92$160.00$278.96$110.72$169.92$290.59
Discount Contacts$303.92$0.00$303.92
AC Lens$303.92$0.00$303.92

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