The white rich guys who funded the Texas Latino Conservative PAC

They think we are stupid. (and some are)

The Texas Latino Conservative PAC was created in 2020 and has spent a considerable amount of money to elect Republican MAGAts such as Jack Morman who lost his bid for Commissioner as well as Alexandra MAGAt Mealer who lost against Lina Hidalgo.

You would think that a PAC titled the Texas Latino Conservative PAC would be funded by conservative Latinos. If you thought that, you thought wrong. Very wrong.

According to reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission the Texas Latino Conservative PAC raised $1,957,457. $977,705 was donated by Coalition Por Texas, nearly 50% (more on this PAC below). $1,812,000 was donated by just 8 individuals/PACs listed below. Most of the money raised was donated by rich white guys like Richard Weekley and Cary McNair. 93% of all donations were contributed by the following:

Coalition Por Texas$977,050
Richard Weekley$281,800
Cary McNair$163,000
Jan Duncan$105,000
Harlan Crow$100,000
Robert Rowling$100,000
Harris County Republican Party$65,000
Joseph Swinbank$30,000

Now the Coalition Por Texas was created in Jan 2022 with generous donations totaling $1,000,000 from 3 wealthy white guys and 1 PAC, Hillwood Development PAC, Robert Rowling, Richard Weekley, and Harlan Crow. In total Coalition Por Texas raised $2,550,000 from just 5 white guys and 1 PAC. Half of the donations went to the Latino Conservative PAC and the other donations went to Mexican MAGAt candidates across Texas.

Crow ,Harlan500,000.00
Crow ,Harlan250,000.00
Popolo ,Joseph50,000.00
Rees-Jones ,Trevor D.500,000.00
Rowling ,Robert250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Hillwood Development Co250,000.00

Hispanics are getting played.

One Response to The white rich guys who funded the Texas Latino Conservative PAC

  1. sneckelmann says:

    What’s more American than putting up our Democracy for sale?

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