Who funded Jack Morman’s campaign?

Guess who?

Jack Morman lost his race for Harris County Commissioner against Commissioner Adrian Garcia. It seemed like he put his name on the ballot with little or no campaigning and was funded by a couple of individuals and PACs. From his last report filed on 10/31/22 just before the election it is clear who encouraged him to run, and lose.

According to his last filed report Morman raised $811,748. $200,000 came from 2 donors Alan Hassenflu and Richard Weekley who also donated to another loser, Alexandra MAGAt Mealer in her attempt to unseat Lina Hidalgo.

$228,000 came from the Houston Region Business Coalition which Hassenflu and Weekley donated to. $138,000 came from the C Club. $90,000 came from Conservatives for Law Enforcement, a PAC largely funded by local Senator Money Mayes Middleton. $38,000 came from Protect and Serve Texas and $12,000 came from the Texas Latino Conservative PAC. (This PAC will be discussed in a future post)

Together 8 donors/PACs contributed $716,000 or 88% of the total for this report. Morman lost. Thank goodness.

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