CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen, recruits a candidate to run for the board

We knew Scott Bowen was going to recruit an extreme far right member of the Republican Party to run for the CCISD Board and he has.

Peter Lauzon is just that candidate. Lauzon has no educational experience that I could find. He was a member of the Senate Republican Executive Committee (SREC) after being appointed to the position when David Apley (a COVID denier) died of COVID. He was then voted off in the next election. As an SREC member Lauzon motioned for the Party to endorse Scott Bowen. (Video is here) He bragged about Bowen’s attack on the nonexistent CRT, his mask ban, and his recruitment efforts to get extreme right wing candidates to run for school boards across the county.

He ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Clear Lake Water Authority being soundly defeated by a near 3-1 margin. If elected Lauzon will be the vote Bowen needs to take over the Board and send the district into chaos. Lauzon, like most republicans, is an election denier and will probably file suit like Misty Dawson did if he loses. This is who they are. This is who he is.

Lauzon is running against Arturo Sanchez who has served the district well and was elected to the position of Vice-President. Expect to see tens of thousands of dollars to be spent supporting this UFO (Unfit For Office) candidate by the Republican Party and Senator Money Mayes Middleton.

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