Keep partisan politics out of CCISD! Go vote!

There is only one race we need to be concerned about concerning the upcoming CCISD election.

Trustee Candidate, Peter Lauzon, does not need to be close to schools, parents, teachers, or children. There are just so many reasons to reject him including:

Why he is running if he has no interest in public education? It is clear Trustee Bowen recruited him so he could get a second on divisive issues and resolutions on the Board. He would be nothing but a mouthpiece for Scott. He is funded by one extreme organization from the Dallas area who gave him $5000. He is simply a partisan hack.

There is a better choice. If you want to keep partisan politics off the CCISD School Board, then take a moment to vote.

3 Responses to Keep partisan politics out of CCISD! Go vote!

  1. Charlie Pond says:

    As best I can tell, John’s comments are NOT an opinion but rather FACTS. what do you want on the board? Another minion for Bowen?

  2. […] order to take over the boards. Lauzon is also lacking in education experience and common decency. His many faults should be enough for him to be disqualified from running for any office but when you have […]

  3. […] Filthy partisan politics does not belong in our schools. Hopefully voters will see through this incredible hypocrisy. Read more about Lauzon in Keep Partisan Politics out of CCISD. […]

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