CCISD elections are set. 5 Candidates, 2 positions to be filled in May.

The opportunity for candidates to file for the CCISD Board closed yesterday. The field is set with two incumbents and 3 challengers.

District 2
Michelle Davis. Incumbent. Michelle is considered a vote for Scott Bowen, the Chaos Trustee. She nominated Bowen for President, Vice President, and Secretary. He lost all of them. She ran as a “conservative” pushing her politics into a nonpartisan race. We can do better.

Jameison Mackay. Speaking of doing better. Mackay has long ties to the Chamber of Commerce, has experience in education issues. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Jameison. I’m looking forward to his announcement.

Glencora Rodgers. Not much available about Glencora, but as with Jameison, people have good words for her. I have heard she has classroom and administration experience and would make a good addition to the Board. Unfortunately both Jameison and Glencora will be up against the Republican Party money.

District 3
Arturo Sanchez. Incumbent. Sanchez has served honorably. He is the current Vice President of the Board. He was a good choice in 2020 and he is a great choice for 2023.

Peter Lauzon. Peter is Scott Bowen’s hand picked candidate. He is an extreme right wing Trump “conservative”. He was a former member of the Texas Republican Party Executive Committee and called for the party to officially endorse Bowen in his reelection. As far as I can tell he has no kids in school, no experience in education, and is an engineer. Lauzon is not the type of person we need on the school board. He will put partisan politics over the interests of school kids.

The election is in May.

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