The League City Karen invites an anti-gay speaker to read to kids

League City has released the Karen!

League City City Councilman, Justin Hicks, posing with a flag is is about to burn, is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and has led the effort to limit the 1st Amendment of the Constitution by banning books in the public library that he thinks are obscene. The book ban is code name for “LGBTQ ban”. It has nothing to do with “family values”. If that was the case he would be banning books by adulterers, liars, single parents, and fornicators! FORNICATORS!!! But that isn’t what he and his white wing buddies are doing.

Using the power of the public records request citizens obtained a copy of an email from Hicks, using his official city account, to a known anti-LGBTQ author inviting him to read one of his “Christian” books to kids at the library. I don’t believe Karen has the authority to decide who can read to kids. I would think the librarians would have that authority.

In his email Karen highlights his legislation to ban books, even though he didn’t pass any “legislation”, it was only a resolution. Karen claims that wholesome, family values, books are disappearing from the shelves (they aren’t). The entire email can be read below.

Make no mistake about this book banning crap. It has nothing to do with family values. It is an attack on members of our community, our family members, our friends, and our neighbors. Next up for Justin, he will be asking to speak to the manager.

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